Tips for Choosing Your Best Ladies’ Boots

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Wearing boots will make women look more elegant. However, it is advisable if you wear boots without considering your dress and the place you are going to. You can click here to learn more about it. Ladies with big feet are often desperate to find long enough shoes to fit a size 10. Sometimes it seems that finding shoes is probably a struggle, not to mention finding shoes that make their toes attractive. What we know about women with bigger feet because the old saying is true: big women, big shoes. Many useful methods can be used when choosing shoes to match a girl’s feet above size 10. When it comes to girls over 13 who need more help, the choice is sometimes more limited. However, some real criteria and tips can help women with big toes choose sneakers over a girl’s size 10. We have compiled a list of our favorites based on over 20 years of experience in finding beautiful big shoes in huge sizes.

Boots for ladies

If You Can Go High Then Do

Many women with larger feet are usually taller as well, but in general, a heel as large as you can manage is essential to make large sizes or long shoes look smaller and more elegant. It does not look good if it wobbles and cannot walk. So make sure you can pay attention to the heel height you choose.

Choose a Nude

A nude shoe could be the closest companion to a woman of size 10 and above. A woman’s huge boots and slippers can practically disappear when they are in the nude shade, making the leg look longer because it doesn’t look finished, and the foot at the bottom disappears because it was. This effect can be very beneficial for big feet. And along with navy blue or black clothing, even nude shoes look ultra-chic.

Choose Darker Shades

Women's bootsEven when choosing shoes and large boots for women with large feet, the choice of darker colors can go a long way in dressing shoes. The dark color of the shoes helps to make your foot look smaller, just as black clothes can lose weight – it is an illusion, but powerful. These pair of boots also look really good for photo session.

Consider Peep Toes for Long Boots

Peep Toes, which the design has cutaways towards the shoes’ tip will make your shoes appear smaller. It’s effective for ladies with size 10. The result of showing a part of the foot usually means that you see less skin and gives the illusion that the foot is slightly smaller.

Round and Oval Look Better for Boots than Pointy

The more extreme points can add a great couple of inches to your shoe that is long, something that not many 13 and older women want to promote. Sticking to round or oblong shoes is advantageous to mask how big a girl’s foot size 10 is.

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