If you have been wondering what kind of a business to start, selling women shoes is a great idea. The good thing with women shoes is that all ladies value shoes. We know how women are attached to shoes, unlike most men. You will even enjoy selling shoes if you purchase them on wholesale. Today we have very many wholesalers selling shoes online. You just need to get in touch with one of those and run your business smoothly with a lot of profit.

How to find genuine women shoes wholesale distributors

The very first thing to do is check whether the distributor has provided their contacts

5rtfgcvhjA genuine distributor will always have a valid working phone number. You are advised to call the number to confirm if it is working. Talking to them too gives you an idea of the level of professionalism they have. To note also is that many legitimate companies use a landline phone number for office work other than a cell phone number. If the number is given on their website or wherever site you have gotten the suppliers is not working, then be careful, it might be a scam.

Details on the registry

They should have given out their business name and registration number. With this, it is very easy to confirm if the company is registered with company registry of your country. Without full details about them, the person may just be there to get free money from buyer’s so be keen.

Another thing to make sure is not fake is the address

Many scam wholesalers give out fake addresses. Ensure that the address is real and not located in some poor, deserted, less developed area.

When dealing with online business people, it is always advisable to go for secure and safe means of payment

dfccvvbnWholesalers on women shoes are no exception. Tyr to use means such as PayPal, Cod, Escrow or credit cards. Avoid untraceable transfers such as western union and wire transfers. It is also good to start by making small orders for the first few days before you earn trust for the distributor. To avoid the risk or running into scam distributors and even wasting time, you can go for online listings which first review online distributors before getting them into their database. This is very safe for you and at no point will you meet scam or send your money to people who will never send you the women shoes you ordered.