Three Wedding Photography Styles Overview

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It is understandable that people only want perfection in their wedding day since it is one important stage in life. Consider how much money people have spent on the venue, the perfect dress, the pretty blooming flowers bloom, and other essential things involved in the big day, the memories should be well-captured. It would be best if the photos or even the video can symbolize your personality and style.

There are three main types of wedding photography, and you can choose one that bestreflects yourself and your partner better. Although a photographer can choose to capture two styles in one shot in many cases, it might require a different setting with some hassle. If you want the mixed method, it is better to ensure that the photographer can do it well. The best choice would rather match and focus on the wedding vision. Check out more about the wedding photography list of tips related to each style below.

Traditional Wedding Photography

traditionalIn traditional or classical wedding photography, the photographer focuses on each event on wedding days, starting from exchange rings to cutting a cake. This style mostly uses in a formal wedding with expert posing and careful lighting to take and merge the family images within the background events. It also requires a perfect pose that looks natural, so it would be great to put it in a home frame. However, this type of photography often leaves grumpy complaints as the couple spends more time with the camera than welcoming their guests.

Reportage Wedding Photography

reportage styleThis photography style makes a report of your wedding day without knowing when the photographer takes the photos. It can be said that it is the most difficult to get in one shot. It takes years to react fast with the flash to form a union. This trend is different from traditional photography, where the photographer’s artistic work makes the image more natural than it has been introduced.

The reportage photography thrives with reduced prices per image. Still, many photographers with less experience use the “shotgun” method and take a bunch of photos during the wedding while waiting to take great pictures. In this case, many couples usually regret not having some traditional images in their album. Even the couples’ parents mostly complain about the lack of conventional photos when choosing this style. This situation might happen because you count on the interpretation of the day from the photographer’s perspective. 

Contemporary Wedding Photography

contemporary styleContemporary wedding photography can show many different things. However, the style keeps changing, making it easy to be outdated. This type of photography can show more the technique and the character of the photographer’s vision. The results could be excellent if done correctly, as your wedding album will be special, although this type of photography can be very strange with unusual angles. 

It might seem great as most photographers use this modern design images in professional awards and often appear in dazzling wedding magazines. However, the disadvantage of this type of wedding photography is a simple fact that it does not provide a valid wedding day event. It leaves you with regrets seeing your album look like art for exhibition than a customized individual memory.

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