Survival Tips For Disaster Preparedness.

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Natural disasters happen at any time with little or no warning.It is time to learn how to be prepared for a disaster before it strikes

survival tips for emergency preparedness

Know that a disaster can happen

Disaster preparedness involves psychology and survival are 90 % psychology. Never assume that a disaster won’t happen so being unprepared emotionally and mentally lowers the survival odds.

Try not to panic

Disasters seemingly strike anytime with little or no warning. Trying to panic during a survival scenario only reduces the odds. Try to share survival tips based on the human psychology and not fear from reputable sources.

Know your Surrounding

man swimmingIf you have plans before things go down, you will see less likely to panic when a disaster happens. For example in a plane accident, it is okay to know the surrounding like counting the seats before emergency doors.This will help to know where you will physically go if a disaster happens.

Know some basic survival skills

Can you run 100 yards?Can you swim?Can you swim for long periods? If you can’t, then it is time to know and learn. Fitness is just not only for good health but also a good indication who will survive.

Real fear helps

The real fear of a disaster scenario helps.You will be able to get out over the freeze and know that real fear is an instinct for the purpose of survival.You will need occasions need to make split second decisions and embracing the fear gives the courage to do so.

Have an emergency kit

first aid kitWhile not in the day to day activities like a hike, it is important to be prepared and have a survival kit in case of a disaster. Some of the things ought to have for a basic package include; water, food, flashlight, medication, multi-purpose tool, cell phone with chargers first aid kit and instructions among others.

Know what you will face

Part of surviving a disaster is knowing the kind of disaster you are facing and being prepared for what to do in case of a catastrophe.

Find out how to help your community or people around you

You can volunteer and teach others survival tips for disaster preparedness. This will contribute to learning more also from others as you teach them.You can also be a community leader.