Restaurants With Outstanding Food in Sedona, Arizona

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Sedona, Arizona, is one of the newest tourist destinations in Arizona and on the planet. Many men and women come to see the massive red rock formations that can be perched by a clear blue sky and surrounded by the greenery of pine and juniper trees. Some come to camp and hike or participate in the Sedona Marathon, but others come for the annual film festival(s). You can also learn more about licensed money lender singapore.

Cowboy Club Grille & Spirits


The Cowboy Club, formerly Oak Creek Tavern, has a rich history as a bar where four women musicians founded and implemented the Cowboy Artists of America in 1965. When many western movies were filmed in Sedona, Hollywood actors such as John Wayne, Joan Crawford, Glenn Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Rock Hudson, and Maureen O’Hara liked to “hang out” the tavern. Many remember a huge polar square at the back of the bar.

Cucina Rustica


Cucina Rustica offers rustic Italian cuisine and wine. According to chef and owner Lisa Dahl, they have a farm-to-table style, serving organically grown food, who owns five other restaurants in Sedona. Whether you dine inside or outside, the air is pleasant, and the menu is varied. Cucina Rustica often has live music, and the atmosphere is intimate and warm. The restaurant has also started serving lunch in the warmer months; reservations are recommended for dinner.

89 Steakhouse


Steak 89 is famous for their hand-picked beans with an excellent mashed potato and nut brittle included. They have expensive but delicious beers like their lobster, and they have a perfect seafood option and expanded fermented and vegetarian options. There are a full bar and a great wine list. For all of us, this is a special place because of their prices. However, they have a huge bar area, plus they provide an excellent happy hour, which is a great way to appreciate being at Steak 89 without having to buy a full meal.