Pros And Cons Of Distance Learning

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Thanks to the revolution that is high technology, it is made possible to study online. Courses are offered by many universities for the global village, but is distance learning suitable for you?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of distance learning

Advantages of distance learning

The top benefit is convenience

student with a laptopTraveling can be tiring for most people, and pricey too. So, with distance learning, students can get the knowledge in their room. It has made possible for working adults and those with children to earn a degree without the hassle of quitting their job or leaving their children behind.


With this form of education (some people prefer the phrase online learning), the time is flexible because you can study at your pace. Due dates for assignments and exams are posted at the beginning of the course; you can work around it and have fun. If you are a very busy person on weekdays, you can study and do your coursework during weekends.

Disadvantages of distance learning
Needs discipline

You have to consider the problems of distant learning before signing up for the course. Distance learning seems to give you freedom, yet you must know how to use your time wisely. You need to make a schedule for yourself so that you do not waste your time. Many students tend to leave their assignments to the very last minute, and the result produced poorly. If you do not have self-discipline, distance learning is not for you.

No interaction with other students

laptopSome students do not work well alone. They prefer interactions between students and lecturers. It is always harder to get help through the mail from your lecturers than going to their office and see them. Plus, you have to wait for your professor’s reply to your email and that leaves your assignment hanging. Some students learn better with interactions by discussing and working in groups. True, that most colleges/universities have the online message board but physical classroom interactions are way better.

Internet complications

Distant learning relies on technology, meaning the computer and internet. Many complications are using the Internet such as slow connections which make completing your work impossible. Some websites required by your lecturers is not always user-friendly. It is best to have a personal computer, and a fast speed connection or else distance learning is not a good idea for you. To avoid any delays in your coursework, always save your files to an external drive or pen drive for backup purposes.

Limited to some courses

baby with laptopCourses which need laboratory work and designs are not offered online because of the need to use certain equipment. If your university offers both online learning and campus based learning then you can take some classes online and the rest of the school. Attending classes on campus is a good idea if you have problems with some subjects.