Maintenance Tips for Your Hunting Gears and Equipment

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Once a hunting activity is over, you are likely tired and depleted. However, it is very important to pay attention to your hunting equipment. First-rate hunting equipment and gear are a great investment. By saving on hunting equipment, you need to take good care of those to make them last longer and perform better. If you want your hunting equipment and gear to continue to perform as you expect, it needs attention every time you go hunting. With that being said, here are some tips to help you.

Wash Your Hunting Clothes

Washing your hunting clothes is the most obvious first step. But before you put them in the washing machine, take time to read the care labels and use the right detergents. Use a mild detergent specifically designed for specialty clothing. We recommend Nikwax products because they are made specifically for outdoor clothing. They will be safe to use on your high-quality sports fabrics. This includes your rain gear, softshell, or anything with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. Any waterproof or water-resistant gear should be washed with a detergent made for these types of fabrics. Nikwax makes a cleaner called Tech Wash that is great for these items. Then wash the rest of your gear according to the gear labels. If you have goose down or merino wool items, Nikwax also makes specific washes for these materials. If your hunting gear is clean, we always recommend hanging it up to dry rather than using the dryer. This can prolong the life and function of your clothing.

Clean Your Hunting Boots

bootMoving on from your clothes, it’s time to take care of your boots. All of these pieces are crucial for almost every hunter, and they also need some care. Wash all the sand, dirt, and debris from your boots after a day of hunting. Cleaning options for leather and other normal boot materials are available at most sporting goods stores. After cleaning your boots, you will need to apply a reproducing agent. Again, you need to use a product made specifically for the substance of the boot. This is especially important if you have full leather boots. Applying a boot wax or conditioning treatment to the leather until you put them away again can make a difference. This will prevent the leather from cracking over time and keep it in good condition.

Revitalize Your Water Resistant Items

After cleaning, it’s time to take care of your waterproof and water-resistant items. The DWR on your rain gear along with the soft buckets will flake off after a lot of use. We think it’s a wonderful concept to reprocess them at the end of each season. Some aftercare products allow you to treat your things in the washing machine with a wash treatment. Spray treatments are also available. Whatever you choose, these solutions will renew the DWR finish on your outerwear which helps water to bead and roll off, just like when they were new. Once your clothes have been cleaned and reused as needed, put them in an airtight container and store them in a dry place away from sunlight. An extra airtight container can prevent your clothes from absorbing additional odors from the environment throughout the year.

Inspect Your Hunting Equipment

Your rifle, scope, and other hunting equipment are a major investment, so make sure to give them some love. It is wise to clean your rifle or bow after each hunt. Take a cloth and remove any dust or debris from your rifle scope, binoculars, and spotting scope. Be sure to clean carefully any other gear such as backpacks, sleeping pads, or other equipment that may be dirty. Not cleaning your equipment for a long period can cause corrosion. Don’t neglect the little things, like cleaning dirt off your tent stakes. These little things should not be overlooked for they will help your equipment last longer and perform better.