Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Call To Write: September & October, Apples & Thanks

For the past two months, maybe even the past three, I have taken to scheduling my life out by the minutes. Dinners with friends, phone calls with parents, trips to the grocery store, self-budget meetings and sometimes even sleep. I have been busy- again. I’m bored of saying it, but it continues to be the truth. Maybe I can finally get a hang on scheduling some Culinary Librarian time again though. Can’t speak for you guys, but I know I’d enjoy once more sharing with you on the regular.

So here we are with more stationary and stamps, two month’s worth in one post. I had come up with these little sparkly red apples for September just after my summer vacation on the Cape and was filled with those old back-to-school feelings. So here they are now, untimely but still autumnal and just as cute. These will be sent with vintage flower seed USPS Stamps – fruit and flowers!
IMG_5838 IMG_5841

Next up is for October. I thought a lot about a Halloween theme, as it is rapidly approaching. But unlike the sweet apples, Jack-O-Lantern’s with black envelopes wouldn’t translate as well come November 1 (when I will be ending this month’s giveaway period). So I opted to look a little further out and consider what I would want to send out after Halloween. Thanksgiving naturally comes to mind. A prime opportunity to do the “thank you” notes I’ve been wanting to make-- good year round and often needed unexpectedly for sending a note of gratitude. Choosing my favorite French flavor I went for “Merci” in that beautiful Queen’s Gold Embossing Powder with sage and eggplant for paper colors. And these new USPS Ray Charles’ stamps to go with them!

So here’s the deal – I’m giving away both of these this month, but to two different people. Answer the question below and then tell me which one you would like: “Apples,” “Thanks,” or “Apples/Thanks” (if you'd be happy with either). Regular rules apply, must enter by 11:59pm EST on November 1. I will announce the two winners soon after the first! The question:

What is your FAVORITE food to eat this time of year? First thing that comes to mind!

Enter, tell your friends, pass it around and I’ll try to write more! (And if you actually care about reading more on the CL, please let me know with your comment! XO)


Anonymous said...

I love cantaloupe and hot sauce!!!!!

Kyle said...

Butternut squash soup! Apples/Merci! :)

Hannah Orlove said...

$2 warm cup of cider/apple cider doughnut combo from one of the Union Square farmer's market stands. Early Monday mornings out at the market, a chill in the air starting to nip at your ears and fingers - cider in one hand, doughnut in the other, it's the best two dollars I can spend at the market.

Ann said...

Pumpkin bread (thanks Grandma!) with a mug of hot apple cider :)

Oh and "apples" - being a teacher and all...

Isabella said...

Pumpkin bread with hot apple cider! Not to copy Ann but its true.

Also, I like the apples!


Lori johnson said...

With out a doubt, it has to be apple crisp!!!!!

Sabrina H said...
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Sabrina H said...

This time of year always makes me want Southern Style baked Mac n Cheese. I also love spaghetti squash and spicy turkey sausage ragout.